Zanders Foundation International with its global and local partners Instituted the FBES to promote media training and rural broadcasting facilities including transmitters and consoles while you pay for installation

We go further to train five (5) persons including studio operators and managers. And with maintenance agreement we repair or replace damaged equipment.

If you have a studio already we can help you upgrade the facilities, increase the radius 10km – 40km, acquire more professional equipment including Outside Broadcast Unit (OBU) and computerized editing suit at subsidized rate. Community Television We provide up to 50% subsidy on equipment with credit and installment repayment option. The Free offer is limited to third world countries only

Subsidized Cost

As a reputable company with broadcast equipment dealership permit from the National Broadcasting Commission (NBC) And with an equipment/assembly plant factory in Nigeria We design with passion and on specification. With technical support from other manufacturers of broadcast equipment Spare parts are speedily and readily available, erratic power failures and fluctuations are of no effect because we redesign with our environment in mind.

And with the Free Press Fund (FPF) Under our technical Aid programme You enjoy counterpart funding, and soft credit facilities Just provide appropriate space. We can help you construct the structure or offer you free building designs and supervision. Call Us To Know If Your Organization Is Qualified To Have A Community Radio